With creative excellence, technical innovation and hard work, AFX Animation has become one of the top online animation providers for last 10 years. We are Fast, Reliable and Affordable.

AFX Animation provides uninterrupted animation support to over 1000+ Clients in over 20+ Countries and has completed over 3000+ Animation Projects Worldwide. Most notably, AFX Animation is ranked in the Top 10 of more than 1,40,000 International Multimedia Providers by the reputable and most trusted online job provider: Upwork.

Members at AFX Animation work 24X7, days and nights and are available on Skype/Google Talk around the clock. There are no time zones or language barriers. Wherever in the World customers are located, AFX is available to help them instantly by shaping their ideas, promoting their businesses and building their market position. AFX will take care of everything to build an animation video by starting with and providing an innovative script, an artistic story board, quality animation, professional voice over, appropriate music and creative integration of the video assets. That's why most of our animation videos are tailor made and result in overwhelming positive feedback from our clients.

AFX always offers awesome results, whether it be for a large 2D Animation, 3D Animation, Motion Graphics, Website construction or just a simple design for a small Logo. AFX is a firm believer in the art of Global coordination. We are supported by great script writers, voice over artists, expert visualizers and marketing agencies from various countries. In addition to Standard American English videos, we can also do videos in Spanish, German, French, Arabic, Hindi and more!

AFX Animation is also involved in assisting with various charity projects. Recently, to increase public awareness, we have created animation movies on Epilepsy and Alzheimer's disease for the Calcutta National Medical College. AFX provides regular multimedia support to the Indian Red Cross and for Child Education.

Why do you need a video?

It is the most creative way to tell the world about your invention, product or business.
A video keeps visitors on your website, on average, 2 minutes longer.
In fact, 70-percent of people would rather watch your video than read an article about your services.
YouTube dominates in web searches at your brand should be on it!


  • Best Director award at CIFF, Kota
  • Semifinalist at FESTPRO , MOSCOW
  • Best Animation Film Award at BIFF, Pune
  • Best Animation Film Award at KIKFF, Kolkata
  • Best Animation Film award at IWFF, Hyderabad
  • Gold Film Award at Delhi CG Animation Award
  • Best Animation Film Award at Crown wood FF, Kolkata
  • Best Animation Film Award at Beyond Earth Film Festival
  • Silver Award form YouTube


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