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Clive Dwyer


Zoupus Company Apps

I would just like to say that the way the team at AFX has dealt with me as a customer has been absolutely first class.
I have business dealings with companies in the USA and the UK but never have I had such fantastic service as with AFX Animation.
The team is extremely professional and very efficient, there is absolutely no problem at all with language, I left them to edit my website content and it has been done using absolutely the correct grammar, nothing was too much trouble.
The video animation and website they created for me far exceeds anything I had in mind. Crisis struck when my website files were inadvertently wiped from my server at Go Daddy, AFX did a truly brilliant job in getting the site back up and running in no time at all!
If you are after a first class, prompt, professional service at a very affordable rate then look no further, these are the guys you use!
AFX Animation is a hidden gem in the web design and animation industry!
Well done AFX team, you should be very proud of your work!
Many, many thanks.

Patti Hamaguchi


Hamaguchi Apps has been working with Sreemon and his team at AFX Animation for several years. They have developed animations, artwork and screens for our iPhone and iPad apps. Our projects are extremely labor-intensive and require a significant amount of communication between our company and theirs. This is not an easy feat because we are operating on different time zones and are physically on different continents. I often wonder if they ever sleep because within moments of sending an email query, I receive an immediate response at any time of the day or night! At this time we have worked together on 5 apps, with the current project requiring literally several hundred animations. Time and time again, AFX comes through and produces work of exceptional quality at an affordable cost. I very highly recommend AFX Art and Animations!
Patti Hamaguchi has been a speech-language pathologist for over 30 years, and has a pediatric speech therapy practice in Cupertino, CA

Misty Taggart



Working with AFX over the past two years has been a pleasure. They are so professional. Their work is excellent and they always hit the deadlines. They follow my storyboards and give me a wonderful video. They work with me until it is just what I want. I recommend AFX completely. You can be confident. They will give you 'more' than you are expecting.

Troy Looney


Future Media Advertising LLC.

I am Troy Looney of Future Media Advertising (USA). We are actively involved in various media works, animation, publishing and film works for independent release. The works that AFX Animation and my company Future Media Advertising have done together has been priceless. They are very patient and willing to work with us on multiple scales. I appreciate their work so much, as the many projects that we have had in development are constantly evolving, and I will definitely use them as we grow in popularity as well. They have a higher level of professionalism, and are very quick and accurate to return projects quickly. I love this company and all of the employees as they deliver industry standard quality materials, after we deliver the foundational material. I will hire them exclusively, once we have the budget to do so. While we are based out of the United States, this company makes us feel right at home with quality, delivery, and quantity of works. I thank them for being our secret weapon. All the best wishes to the company and staff. Thank you!

David Shteif



Professional, Quick Response, Great Value, if any of these terms are what your after then this is the company you want creating your white board animations. Over the last two years they have created just over half a dozen amazing presentations for all of my companies which have helped us generated new business. I have to admit I was hesitant to work with a company that was not based in the USA, thankfully they exceeded my expectations. I also felt comfortable to refer them to associates and friends.

Carlos Xuma


These guys know how to deliver a quality animation - and the best value for the price. Nicely organized, they gave me my selection of theme and characters, matched the animation to my voice-over and gave me everything I needed. And they were always courteous and timely for any revisions that I needed. I'll definitely be back...

Zain Shah

CEO Creative Art

AFX Animation, great workers. I did my 7 to 8 projects with them, and all the project they provide me exactly same as I want. The best part is if you mentioned the correction they always saying yes will send you shortly I never heard that they said no. Best communication they have done so far with me. 2d, 3d work is awesome.

Umesh Bhargava


AFX is a professional video production studio, truly a world-class one. When we were looking for a movie studio we got proposals from more than 50 studios and professionals. We looked at perhaps couple hundred sample videos in our evaluation process. Out of all the respondents, about 10 looked professional. However, we found that even for the top studios only a small fraction of their samples were really high quality. AFX not only had the widest variety of videos but in every category the percentage of really good videos out of all their samples was very high.
It was also a pleasure to work with them. These guys are amazingly good and quick with graphics. If you can imagine how to render each scenario in your story and tell them what needs to be done, they will amaze you with the quality and speed of their production.
Obviously, a crucial part of producing a great video is the great storyline. And, the crucial part of producing a great storyline is a great message. But no matter how great a storyline you have you can't produce a video without a very creative graphics artist. It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. In those lines, we could perhaps say a video is worth a million words.
In the first video we produced with them we provided them the storyline but as they started producing it, we were so enthused with the work that we actually made major changes to the story seeing that these guys can depict any idea so perfectly well. In our future productions we will try their story writing skills, as well.
Now, how we got started with our video is like this. For a very long time, we were not branding and marketing our product really well. Some marketers suggested we should deliver our key message using a video. Two things happened in producing the video with AFX. First, the whole video production process forced us to fine-tune our message and then articulate the story; this itself has made us think more clearly about our brand and what our product really is. Second, is that the reviews that we are getting from the video they produced. Every person who saw the video says that it is awesome, they totally love it and most importantly that the video really tells who we are and what we are doing.
Being a small startup the cost of producing the video was very important to us. AFX produced the video at a very reasonable cost. Because at that we have now decided to use professional videos to show our customers further details of how our product works.

Jonathan Crabtree

Renowned Mathematician. Creator of two new number systems called Australian Numerals and podometic.
Location: Geelong, Victoria, Australia

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